Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hi everybody!!!
I'm Juan Domingo.

I'm anxious about this course!!!

Here are my fears and thoughts about this new way I'm starting!!!

I live in Esquel a small town in the northwest of Chubut. I hope you like it!!

I hope you're having a nice weekend


Juan Domingo

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hi everyone! Just been browsing the platform, the Virtual Classroom, actually!
Looking forward to starting straightaway!

Off we go!

Well, campus for "Diplomatura en Educación y Nuevas Tecnologías" (FLACSO) opened yesterday at 9 PM GMT (that was 6 PM my time). Having taken online courses before, I was almost positive we'd be allowed at least a couple of days to log in and browse around, familiarising ourselves with the online environment and our partners (which turned out to be over 200, BTW!). Yet, can you believe I was quite upset because some "local" duties prevented me from entering the site before today? :-p!

It was nice to find out we'll be using a Moodle platform, which I'm a bit familiar with, and at the same will profit from seeing used in more effective ways. It was even better to confirm 3 colleagues I look up to are just starting walking along the same path at the same time. As I'm a social learner, this means a lot to me, and I hope they like the idea of collaborating in this blog and sharing a bit of what we go through in our course with every English teacher on the Web via this blog!

In his welcome "speech", our coordinator has invited us to record our feelings and impressions as we just get started, and save them so that we can go back to them. I've drafted my impressions here, feel free to peep if you like!