Sunday, May 3, 2009

It feels like home just because we are teachers!

Hello! I'm Mariana and it is so superamazing that we are here together! It feels like home to have you three around, even if I only know Gladys! I think we English teachers have such a great advantage when it comes to technology! Just the fact that we are able to read and write in English allows us to be connected, plus we are used to sharing with people of pretty diverse background! Well, I'll tell you a bit more about me, I manage two franchises of Alianza, one in Montevideo and one in Canelones, both in Uruguay. I am also a sociologist, licenced in 1994. Later I kept on more involved with organizational studies, especially organizational communication. So, there are so so many ways in which this diploma interests me!
Well, thanks for being around!

Here you will see two of my blogs, one of poems in Spanish (I write them) and one more related to my job interests


  1. Hi Marian!!!
    So glad to see a picture of you!!! it's nice to know who is on the other side.
    when you mean that you only know Gladys, that means that you have met face to face?????
    Gladys was my teacher at I-earn, I guess I have known her for almost 3 years, am I right?
    What I like the most about Internet and being able to attend courses is that you meet wonderful people. Teachers who are eager to share with others what they know, teachers who are human beings above all!!!
    I hope we can get to know each other a little more and grow up professionally along this virtual road to ... who knows!!!!!
    Juan Domingo

  2. Afternoon, Mariana!

    Reading this once again, I've been reminded you're a sociologist as well as an EFL teacher... No wonder you've found this week's texts enjoyable and easy-reading... :-P As for me, I've kept mumbling: interesting, but when do we stop talking about society in general and get down to discussing "educators in the classroom"... Shame on me, I know... but 100 pages to decide the world has gotten "informatized" are certainly enough for me!

    Will try and share some reflections tomorrow, before getting into next week's reading!

    Wish you were closer to give you a warm hug, but a virtual one will have to do for the time being!