Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looking back, looking ahead...

The recent discussions and readings shared in our studies during the last two weeks have led me to re-view ("see with new eyes", as White and Arndt -1991; Process Writing- had defined it) all new technologies around me...

Some ideas I particularly want to remember:
  • We need to make these tools ours ("appropriate" them, integrate them into our lives so that they serve OUR purposes) if the're to have a lasting effect on our lives... Then, we must look into ways to help our students do the same in turn!
  • Different ways of doing things will inevitably lead to a redefinition of identities and social roles
  • ... And that's about the only thing new technologies will "INEVITABLY" do... ;-) The rest is in the hands of the tool users...

BTW, this reminds me of something I read a long time ago, when I was studying the relationship between teaching and policy: "By refusing to take sides, the ELT community has actually been supporting the conservative status quo." We'd better make our choices this time, before someone else makes them for us!


PS: If you've never watched The Machine is (Using) Us, don't put it off another day!


  1. Dear Gladys,

    I do completely agree with you. We have to make what we have at the Web 2.0 ours, experiment them, live them and if we think that one of them would be useful for our goals in our teaching and useful for our students then start implementing it.
    But there's something that we have to bear in mind, that our students will be quite far ahead of us and we will have to let them help us!!! and I'm sure we will get excellent results.

    Juan Domingo

  2. What can I say? I agree 100%. The best combination is explore tools, generoulsy and openly share and be humble enough to know you need to keep learning from others. Thanks Gladys, you are one of those people I call leaders, and this profession is great!

  3. @JuanDomingo: not that sure our students have "mastered" ICT. They're far more used to them, sure. But do they understand their potential, and do they know how to use them to serve their own purposes effectively?

    @Mariana: thanks a lot for cally me a leader, but I feel far from actually being a good one. Anyway, supportive CoPs are what we need to keep developing professionally and at a more personal level, and the Web has certainly made it much easier to build them!

  4. Dear Gladys,

    They use it for their needs, but they cannot see it as a way of acquiring knowledge and as a working tool, and what they will be able to achieve if they enter into this cyber world.

    and this is our task as teachers, to show them what this world really work, its advantages, its disadvantages, etc.